We design with you in mind

It all started when…

Catalyst Christian Community wanted an opportunity to empower local and international efforts. Pooling in what talent and resources they had together, Catalyst CC started a few local business' (a shaved snow shop) named "Flurries, Shaved Snow Bar" and "Ahava Design."

Thus, Ahava was born. Three friends started Ahava Design, LLC in a small corner of a warehouse off of Melrose Street in Placentia. 

Over the next five years, Ahava embarked on a journey of discovering who we are as a company and how we can make an impact in the world. The culmination of this became who we are in order to help others to love their design.

Ahava continues to grow in vision and in capacity, moving forward, not only in design and media, but also contributing to making a difference in communities around the world.